401 Dauphin Street F.A.Q.

Property owners, Buzz Jordan and Tom Townsend, seek to develop 401 Dauphin Street into a music and events venue in Mobile, Alabama. The owners are committed to improving downtown Mobile, as demonstrated by their other downtown projects, such as the historic renovation of 459 Dauphin Street into a multi-use property and the recent purchase of […]

Iconic Murals at 401 Dauphin Street

The iconic murals on the exterior of our building located at 401 Dauphin Street are extremely popular¬†in the Lower Dauphin area of downtown Mobile. In 2016, four artists, DeAnthony Dulaney, Noelle Goodson, Stallworth and Conz8000 combined their individual techniques to create the mural project. The murals are painted on a series of plywood panels and […]